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The #DontMancriminate campaign by Maggcom was one campaign that generated buzz amongst the world wide web users. The Campaign which seeks to put an end to the discrimination against men faced in the society today, drew lots of attention from big and small media agencies. The campaign talks about equal rights and discrimination’s faced by Men. A lot of leading blogs, pages and top content publishing websites and news papers such as Huffingtonpost, Buzzfeed, Mashable, Dailymail Uk, Cosmopolitan, Metro UK, Vix, ThestudentroomUk, Derstandard and others have covered the movement.

For those who missed out on the whole action, this page will show you all of the updates and write-ups of the mancrimination campaign which obviously made it a success.


You can also see and download the #dontmancriminate app on googleplay, the app allows you to use any pictures of your choice and customize your own meme or write-up in support of the campaign. More like a puzzle game of customization.

What is ManCrimination

Mancriminate means to discriminate and Mancrimination is “Discrimination against Man”.

#DontMancriminate Manism

Manism; This is to remind us of the forgotten gender, who, regardless of the situation, are expected to be such gentlemen. When women talk about being put on the same pedestal as men, simultaneously there is an unsaid expectation of chivalry out of them. It is time we realize that they deserve a break from being all heroic and they too suffer a different level of harassment- out of innocence or otherwise. Gender inequality bugs them as much as it bugs women. So, here’s to all the men, who have been the victims of a society that tends to forget the struggles of males.

After All The Hue & Cry; Just Sit & Understand What’s #DontMancriminate

This has become like an anthem for all those who are in favor of the campaign-
“It’s not romance it’s BROmance. Not a handbag, a MANbag. Not discrimination, MANcrimination. Not insecure, MANsecure.”

mancrimination - lets talk sex #dontmancriminate
mancrimination – lets talk sex #dontmancriminate

There is this rampant discrimination against men and festering misandry with little or no public response. Being a fair-minded person, I find this not only offensive but alarming that the majority of society is either blissfully ignorant of what’s going on, or in the case of misandrists – gleefully cheering it on.

Unquestionably there will be people who will think that is all just bullshit and there is no such thing as discrimination against men and women need it in this godforsaken country (my brother just said it to me that women need it, they are helpless) well! The men need it too. That’s not to say that there are no injustices to women, however, there are certain legions of women’s group, government organization fighting for that cause but none for the men.

By saying don’t mancriminate it doesn’t imply that you support the women injustices any less but just that you are in favor of men injustices too. There have been so such campaigns like the mentioned below for men by women.

The people are demanding EQUALITY. They want equal rights for women, but where’s equality if you give all the comfort to women. There are quotas for ladies, why not for men? (okay I know that men outnumber women) but that doesn’t just mean that you reserve for them. You study equally. Some reservations are important for their safety but this ain’t equality. The taglines should be changed. For example- “WHY SHOULD BOYS HAVE ALL THE FUN” could be changed to “WHY SHOULD WOMEN HAVE ALL THE FUN.”

Understand The reason for #DontMancriminate

Why should men have to give up their seat if they see a lady standing? Why should he have to hold out a door for a lady passing by? Men don’t get free entry in clubs. Men unlike women don’t get periods (yes don’t be so ashamed of it girls, you do that!) and so men can’t work their way out of the problem saying they are PMSing. Men certainly do not get the sympathy votes.Why should men not cry? Why should men do the heavy lifting? Why not girls?

Why Do We Need #DontMancriminate And Why Now

Since the very inception of this campaign #dontmancriminate we have been repeatedly asked why do we need to address this issue?

Well the fact that we have indeed touched millions through this campaign, proves that this is not a joke and if serious measures are not taken at the right time it would become really hard for Men to be able to survive in Women dominating society.

so fair - Dontmancriminate
So fair

Women were not treated well in past times, I Agree, I totally agree and then the flag of Women Empowerment came forward to be the hero of the society and help women gain their equivalent position in the society.

In the pursuit of same, Governments and Women Right Activists started, demanded and installed rights, reservation and preferential judgement in our current society and then they let it grew. No No No , we don’t have any problem with that.

But what happened next is what caused us to shout for establishing a position for the men who has unfortunately been driven aside by all the reform going around.

The saddest part is calling the campaign a joke. But did anyone care to see the facts before calling it clown?

We all get to know whenever there is a crime against women. We shout, we cry, we protest for the rights and try to sympathies the victim through justice. But how many times have you seen a protest been held for a crime against the poor gender men ? Never?

As a matter of fact, Men too are vulnerable which is evident from another disturbing statistic. The NCRB report also shows that between 2009-2012, 995 men were either kidnapped or abducted for forceful marriage.

According to NCRB 2012 data, 175 men have been kidnapped and abducted for the purpose of illicit intercourse since 2009. The cases have been registered under Sec.363 to 369, 371 to 373 of Indian Penal Code (IPC).

NCRB data further shows that 115 men were kidnapped for the purpose of prostitution. Most of the kidnappings and abductions of men for the purpose of getting sexual favor have been reported within 18 to 30 years and 30 to 50 years age group.

In U.S. National Family Violence Survey, carried out by Murray A. Straus and Richard J. Gelles on a nationally representative sample of 6,002 couples, found that when a woman called the police to report IPV, the man was ordered out of the house in 41.4% of cases. However, when a man called, the woman was ordered out of the house in 0% of cases

a bar chat of male homicide due to discrimination
Homicide more common among men due to discrimination

These are real numbers that does show that it is not just women that are suffering but men are suffering too. We don’t just understand the very idea of whether how a “Special Privilege” status is gonna help women rise or would it just add to the commercialization of policies.

A book named “Betrayed as boys: Psychodynamic treatment of sexually abused men. Guilford: New York” also reports that in a 1996 study of 600 college men, 28 per cent of those surveyed reported some form of sexual abuse as a child.

Now if 28% is not a good enough number then what is?

Women reservation in education is good, or should it be the formulation and execution of education system that should be developed in a way to provide Equality of Education for all genders.

Women were agitated by the mentality that has been set making man the alpha bread earner for the family. But now that has changed right? And yet when we come across a man who like to take care of house and be a suitable home maker is how we get a new joke to laugh on. If we are fighting for equality then we should indeed fight for for a neutral space where a person will not be judgmental. Society doesn’t govern the characteristics, activities and responsibilities of the person.

We have been successful in removing the phrase called “Manly work” from the society by empowering women to be able to take up the charge and be the one holding the torch but there still exists a phrase called “feminine” which still makes it difficult for men to breathe freely at their will.

Policies, reforms, laws has just been favoring women and countering it with the face of “Women uplifting”. False dowry cases, false rape attempt and what-not is not a myth anymore and there is hardly anything we can do about it.

So here we are, taking a stand for Gender Equality for all. Treat everyone irrespective of their gender, let them be themselves, do not prefer one over another and then may be we can hope to reach a really neutral society for all of us to live in.

Please Please Please #DontMancriminate

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Bollywood Divas Steps Ahead To Support #DontManCriminate


#DontManCriminate ,the Campaign that gained the popularity as reply to the misunderstood concept of Feminism. A Campaign which highlighted that Feminism does not mean ignoring the contributions, emotions and sentiments of other gender, rather the true meaning of feminism is uplifting and empowering women without dishonoring and un-acknowledging the rights, sacrifices and contributions of Men. The Campaign which initially got a lot of support from both common as well as famous gentlemen has now started getting support from some famous Women too.

Bollywood divas shares their take on Mancrimination
Bollywood divas shares their take on Mancrimination

Look what the celebrities like Pratyusha and Sana has to say on Mancrimination.

We cannot deny the fact that women are more pampered, loved and paid more attention. They are often offered more help and extra care, like carrying their bags and paying their bills.

If women really want to stand on the same pedestal as men, they should themselves decline the offer of their bills being paid by a man or their bags being carried by them. To the women who don’t do so – #DontManCriminate.

More on Bollywood Divas Steps Ahead To Support #DontManCriminate

Why is that when a man abuses he is said to be manner less and disrespectful but when a woman abuses she is considered bold and brave? Why is that when a man cheats he is labeled as ‘Casanova’ but when a woman cheats she is thought of being helpless and that she didn’t have an option.

Bollywood divas supports the #dontmancriminate campaign.
Bollywood divas supports the #dontmancriminate campaign.

Luxuries are often used for impressing rather than for self-consumption. It is an established fact that it’s men; who invest more on the Luxuries, but for whom? This is the reason why luxury is majorly marketed by Women. Ultimately it is by the women and for the women!

If we call ourselves strong and independent, if we earn as much as a man does then why do we require special reservations, quotas and privileges for?

Equality does not mean only special privileges it also means equal struggles too. Unlearn the term – ‘ladies first’.

Now you too can create your own posters with your own images and share your experiences and support the campaign in your own unique way by downloading the #DontManCriminate Application from Google Play. Download the app, create your own posters and share them on facebook, twitter and instagram

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