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maggcom logoWelcome to maggcom, (A part of the Comeback America Initiative movement founded by David Walker in 2010). Maggcom is a lifestyle magazine with core roots in technology in other to provide the best possible and most indepth reviews of products, people and services as well as buying guides, tips and hacks, ranging from fashion and entertainment, down to lifestyle and technology.

We strive to provide the most accurate news, reviews and deals on products and services. Discover articles about Fashion, Celebrities, shopping, trending issues and diaries all in one place.



Over the years, Maggcom has amalgamated to become a consumer oriented platform for unbiased product reviews, ultimate buying guides, deals, savings as well as tips and how to’s for a more effective financial management. We help you do the market survey, know what other consumers are saying, products testing and then present you with a definitive list of our findings in the form of best products listing.


The whole general Idea is to help you get the best value for your money by providing honest, concrete and well detailed information about various products out there in the market in the form of a best products roundup list.

We want this blog to be the top destination for consumers who are searching for a particular product out there. We strive to provide as much detailed as possible information to help them know if a particular product will be of great benefit to them or not so as to help them get the best value for their money.

So, next time you want to get the best value for your money, always make sure to check out that product on our catalog to see all of its pros and cons, good, bad and yes, overall rating as recorded by other users as well as our testers to help you make the best decision and get the best value for your money.



First, the comeback America Initiative was formerly an organization headed by Hon. David Walker (former U.S Comptroller General) for the sole purpose of helping America improve the economy. It dates far back to 2010, and gained massive support from many individuals since its goals was stated clearly as “to make government more future focused, result oriented, successful, efficient, equitable and sustainable with steps designed to transform government to increase transparency and accountability in connection with key areas of ineffectiveness, inequity and fiscal responsibility.

The group and mission which received massive support from individuals and different governmental bodies gained massive recognition from top mainstream media publishing agencies including Cnbc, New york times, Forbes and many more others.

MaggCom on the other hand was a Fashion and entertainment lifestyle magazine as well as a shopping portal which curates great products out there for shoppers.



While the original aim has been shifted to the website, TCAII (The comeback America Initiative) and MaggCom is now focused more on consumers, to help them get the best value for their money while still keeping the original aim in mind which is to help save more and put to effective use of your money.


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