The Best Over Ear & In Ear Headphones to Buy in 2018 – Reviews & Buyers Guide.

best headphones you can buy in 2018.
Collection of the best headphones you can buy in 2018.
When shopping for the best headphones of 2018, the choice of choosing between wireless Bluetooth headphones, or wired headphones comes pretty handy. Whichever you might want to go for, there also come the option of choosing between on ear headphones, over ear headphones or in ear headphones otherwise known as earbuds.

While most people prefer to go for the best noise cancelling headphones, others like it just simple and hence stick to the regular stereo headsets.

Everyone loves to own a great pair of audio headsets right?

There is just only a little problem.
How do you know the best headphones to buy in 2018: perfect for your specific needs and meets your budget

If you are serious about buying one of the best headphones of 2018, we have detailed here on this page the best headphones: perfect for everyone. From industry’s top rated best noise cancelling headphones to regular Bluetooth headsets and then to the best budget headphones. Heck, we have even gone further to list the best wireless earbuds for running and other sporting activities as well as the best headphones you can buy for less than $50 and $100 (for those on a tight budget).

Usually, great pairs of quality headsets are associated with industry’s top makers of headphones like: Senneiser headphones, Bose headphones, Sony headphones, bowers & Wilkins and other brands out there including Master & Dynamic, Oppo Digital etc. We have taken the time to review all of these brands models and more to give you the best fit for your specific needs.

This round-up covers all the different types of headphones in the market, but if you already have an idea of the type of headphone you are looking for, Navigate straight on to our headphones comparison chart. Or straight to the reviews.

First, lets take a quick overview at the different types of headphones available in the market today.

What Types of Headphone Should you Buy?

If you are familiar with the different types of headphones then skip this par and jump straight to the review. Otherwise, pay good attention to it.

Bluetooth headphones – Wireless headphone: Just like the name sounds, these are cordless headphones. Its wireless, no more wires.

Noise Cancelling Headphones: Noise cancelling headphones are headphones which actively scrubs out all the noise and gives you complete enjoyment of your music while putting out all the noise. These type of headphones are great for commuters and frequent travelers – great for blocking out plane engine sounds and other annoying sounds likely to be encountered during travels.

On-Ear and Over-ear headphones: These type of headphones are the most popular among headphones users today because they offer a more dynamic sound, stylish look and greater long-term listening comfort. While over-ear headphones tend to encase the ear, offering some passive noise-cancellation, over-ear headphones are the most comfortable because they sit around your ears, and usually offers decent noise isolation, and better sound than on-ears.

In ear headphones (Earphones & Earbuds): These are the ones you call earphones (earpiece) and their wireless models are what is today known as wireless earbuds. They are perfect for sports and workouts. Artist and speakers have also began to fancy these headphones because they are small and usually cant be seen. This makes them perfect for stage presentation.


Comparison Chart of the Best Headphones

For the rest of this guide, we have further categorized this review into the two major headphones classification: Over ear headphones and In-ear headphones. Other types of headphones like the wireless bluetooth headphones, sport & workout headphones as well as headphpones with active noise cancellation all fall into these two categories.

The 10 Best Over Ear Headphones you can buy in 2018.

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Best Noise cancelling | Best under 100 | Best under 50 | Best Wireless | Best high end with great sound | Best Wired | Best open back headphone (best studio headphones for mixing). | Best Headphone For TV and Hi-Fi audio | Best for Djs.


1 – Our Pick: Bose QuietComfort 35 series II

Before now, Bose has been known for producing high quality headphones, and the Bose Quietcomfort 35 series is no short of that.

Type: Bluetooth Wireless | Weight: 8.32 ounces | ANC: Yes | Battery Life: 20-Hours | Aptx: N/A

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II wireless Bluetooth headphones.

The headphone features a fantastic active noise-cancelling technology without any of the traditional drawbacks of wireless headphones. This pair of Bluetooth headphone also come packed with in-built microphones in and outside the ear cups to sense unwanted noise.

Starring large, oval ear cups and a headband that are both plumped with padding, the headband offers 12 separate steps to provide maximum comfort, as well as allowing the ear-cups to rotate up to 90 degrees one way and five degrees in the other.

Thus, extended listening sessions feels comfortable with the oval shaped design of the ear cups which tends to fit over the whole ear to provide a heightened level of comfort over fully round ear cups. Using its new digital equalizing system, it is able to balance sound accordingly.

If you would love to go with the wired version of this headphone, here is the product purhase link. Bose Wired From Amazon.


2 – Best Noise Cancelling: Sony WH-1000XM2.

When it comes to headphones with industry’s best active noise cancelling, no one does it better than Sony.

Type: Bluetooth Wireless | Weight: 23g | ANC: Yes | Battery Life: 30-Hours | Aptx: Yes | Range: 30ft+

Sony WH1000X - best wireless headphone with noise cancellation

Noise cancellation is often traded for quality sound since all it’s required for is to block out all the noise right? Wrong. The Sony WH1000XM2 strikes the balance between both.

With a collapsible design, perfect ergonomics, and a 30-Hours battery, you can use these headphones for over a day without charge – as much as you would a wired pair. The headphone features a top-notch world class noise cancelling technology with a huge battery (30 hours of play) to continue enjoying your music while providing you with a great quality sound and comfort.

The Sony WH-1000X M2 dominates almost every category it could be considered for, and that’s not by accident: they are really very good.

With this pair comes three different listening mode: Ambient noise mode, Quick attention mode and LDAC codec. While the first is an ambient noise mode that only lets in mid-to-high frequency tones (Like announcements over a loudspeaker), the other is the Quick Attention mode that allows you to let in all outside noise without taking off the headphones. The later (which is perfect when giving a drink order on a plane or speaking to a coworker for a brief moment before diving back into your work), is the LDAC codec.

How about Design while keeping performance in mind.
As with the design of this pair, it has touch sensitive pads that uses various gestures on each ear cup, hence, controls like pause, play and volume control or skip tracks becomes very easy and lets you control your music without needing to reach for your music source.


3 – Best Under $100: Cowin E-7 Active Noise Canceling Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Stereo Headphones.

Its a Lightweight and comfortable around-ear fit. On-Board Mic pulse remote for taking calls, volume control and switching up playlists.

Type: Bluetooth wireless | Weight: N/A | Range: 30+ft |

For the most people who up till today has not heard about Cowin or know it to be a household name in the wireless audio and digital sound world, this might be coming as a surprise to you. But the Cowin E7 (with over 6,000 sales and reviews) is one of the best Bluetooth headphones on a budget that you can buy right now and has further proven this with its quick rise to become an amazon best seller in over the ear wireless headphones. Here’s why.

One of the few things which makes this pair of Bluetooth headphones great is its active Noise Cancelling technology which can be likened to that of other expensive models. Significant noise reduction for travel, work and anywhere in between. The Battery life is also great which gives you enough time to play with your favorite audio.

Here’s What First hand users are saying.

“Above and beyond, probably one of the best pair of headphones I have ever purchased. Not only well worth the money, but I’ve been converted from Beats to these. Absolutely would recommend these. The sound quality is crisp and enjoyable, trust me when I say the noise-canceling version is worth the extra money. If you’re a fan of softer music like scores or jazz and hate that you can’t listen to it well in public, that mode helps quite well with it. The design is comfortable and fits snugly on the head. The ear padding is fairly well-set and actually feels like it breathes a little, so not a lot of worry for sweat from that area. Headband is snug, and the entire structure of it feels sturdy.”


4 – Best Under 50: Avantree 40hr Wireless/Wired Bluetooth Over-the-Ear Headphones/ Headset with Mic.

A multi functional bluetooth headset/headphone that does not cost less.

Type: Wired/ wireless (dual function) | Battery Life: 40 Hours | Aptx: yes |

Call them the double faced over-the-ears headphones in the headphones industry. Whether you need them as a wireless bluetooth over-ear headphone or a wired pair of headphones with mic, they can serve. Coming at a price tag under $50, Almost anyone could instantly fall in love with these headsets.

The Wireless Mode.
The Avantree Audition features a Bluetooth 4.0 with NFC function. The headphones are lightweight and stylishly built with soft earpads and an adjustable headband providing a comfortable, customized fit for long period of use coupled with its long lasting battery (upto 40 hours of active play).

The NFC function lets you touch your phone to it and the headphones will turn on, connect or disconnect. If in any use case, the battery dies out, just pick up the 3.5mm audio cable and plug them right in and use them as a wired headphones!

You can also connect to two phones simultaneously and never miss a call. Use the NFC feature for easy one tap connection. After initial pairing headphones auto-reconnect to any device, easily and instantly.


5 – Best High End With Great Sounding Audio: Oppo Pm-3.

If what you are looking for in an audio headphone is solely quality and style, while not minding the cost, then you cant go wrong with this one. Audiophiles love it.

Type: N/A | Weight: 0.71 pounds | Cable length: 9.8 ft or 3.9 ft | Frequency response: 10-50,000Hz | Four Removable cable included | Planar magnetic driver | Closed-back over-ear headphones.

oppo m3 pair of headphones
oppo m3 pair of headphones
The Oppo PM-3s are arguably the best pairs of headphones any person serious about their audio listening would want to go for. These gorgeous planar magnetic headphones, which gets you amazingly low-distortion, high-accuracy sound in a package that is also dead convenient, from Oppo Digital are some of the best headphones around, providing absolutely exquisite sound really capturing intense details.

We all know planar magnetic headphones to be generally big and heavy right? That’s true, but in this case, its probably wrong. The Oppo PM-3 is no less convenient than the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0. They can be customized to work with an Oppo amp for even more acute sound or connected up with Android and iPhone adapters.

The audio quality of these pair is just amazing as the sound quality doesn’t let up across levels and ranges, that means, no matter what you are listening to, will still get incredible quality audio. What these pair of headphones offer is a slightly more ‘audiophile’ signature, with higher-quality mid-range texture. They are equally very comfortable to wear.


6 – Best Wired: Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones.

Good treble clarity too, giving a good impression, and you can control your music and calls on your Android devices with inline mic/remote.

Type: Wired | Noise Cancellation: Very Active |

Bose is well known for making top-notch quality and great sounding audio headphones, and the QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones are no short of that. Not only are they great for active noise cancellation, they also cut out the frequencies that tend to trample all over your music and gives you crisp, powerful sound – and quiet that lets you hear your music even better.

No matter how noisy your environment might be, with this pair of cans, it’s just you and your music in peace and quiet. QuietComfort 25 headphones are engineered for better sounding audio, comfortability and portability to take along with you anywhere you go. The soundstage is wide and well defined, offering a satisfying huge sound. They are also powerful, some users say it doesn’t muddy up the sound.

Here is what current users are saying about this headset.

“The QC25 is Bose’ best noise cancelling headphone to date. As someone who has been using Bose QC headphones daily for 3+ years now, I think I can give this a reasonably educated review. I have owned QC15 (predecessor to these headphones) for about 3 years now, and have owned QC20 (in-ear headphones) since they came out. My musical tastes are varied: everything from Yiruma to Taylor Swift to Childish Gambino to Zedd. I listen at my desk at home, in the office, and on public transportation.

Four things really mattered to me when I upgraded to the QC25: sound quality, noise cancelling, comfort, and the portability. So I’ll skip aesthetics and the other features that you can easily read about. And I’ll tackle each of those four critical points in this review, naming a winner in each category.”


7 – Best Open Back: Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO – Perfect for Studio and Audio Sound Mixing.

If you’re more interested in getting the best sound possible then open-back headphones are the way to go.

For those who do not know, Open back headphones are some of the greatest sounding headphones in the world today.

The only problem with them is: they are generally not the type of headphones an average user will want to carry around because of their build, as they are best fit for those working in the studio. Since they are perfect for mixing, balancing tracks, fine tuning the sound and adding effects to boost the original recording because of their great and clear sounding audio.

The ear cups are wide enough to completely cover your ears without touching, coupled with the leather like headband which provides an extremely comfortable wearing experience for long listening sessions. The plush memory foam ear pads feel like pillows on your head and the open-back design means sound stage isn’t bad either. The DT 990 premium is a great sounding studio monitor that is a pleasure to wear.

A drawback (not a deal breaker) to this model though is they are made of mostly plastic, which makes moving them anyhow not too cool. They also have an impedance of 250 ohms so you probably need an amp to listen to your music at a decent level. Like we earlier said – perfect for studio use, so the additional stuffs are likely to be there in the studio already.


8 – Best Closed Back For Recording: Audio-Technica ATH-M50X – Perfect for Studio use and DJs.

Type: Wired (Detachable cords). | Weight: 284 grams (10 ounces). | Use case: Perfect for studio use

Its no news that Audio-Technica makes all kinds of fantastic audio gear and the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X is no exception. Although this pair is regularly used by professionals, its still an average consumer set of headphones.

One of the best parts about the ATH-M50X is its exceptional noise isolation. The sound is accurate amongst the lows, mids and highs with a tight bass to boot.

As the most critically acclaimed model in the M-Series line, the ATH-M50X is praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers. The M50x comes with detachable cords including a 1.2 m coiled cord which stretches and contracts to give you freedom of movement. The benefit of this is: a broken cable can be easily replaced. The headband and ear cups are also comfortable to wear.

Although the big fat pads of the ATH-M50X offer lots of isolation from outside noise, the thinner cases share a little leakage to the outside.


9 – Runner Up: Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone – Cheaper but but Sounds Superb.

A close runner up for the best closed back headphone perfect for djs and studio recording sessions which cost less (just under $100) is a worthy rival to even the Senneiser HD 280.

Like the Sennheiser, this pair of headphones has entered legendary status by being affordable and producing great sound. The sound is really very good and doesn’t over or under-perform in any aspects of the musical range, as there is no portion too loud or very soft. Its well done.

Audiophiles will especially love this as it makes the job of equalizing and mixing a lot easier.

The race track style ear pads also are a great feature, since it provides the perfect mix and balance between on-ear sound isolation and over-ear comfort. When you add up the design of this headset with a relatively gentle clamping force, what you get will be a pair of headphones that can be worn for hours without any issue or complication.

Should in case you want to travel, the Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphones does folds up for storage or travel in provided soft case.



Best In-Ear Headphones of 2018: Earphones and Wireless Earbuds.

Maybe you don’t like the idea of possibly losing an earbud, or maybe you just want to dangle your headphones around your neck when you’re not using them.

While most people do not use anything outside the over ear headsets, in-ear headphones are arguably the best choice for exercises and workout sessions as well as stage presentation. Whether you require a wireless headphone for stage presentation, headphones for running, headphones for the gym or the best swimming headphones, an earphone or a wireless earbud is an un-matched sure bet for you.

Best sound quality | Best true wireless headphones | Best Anti sweat protecion | Best noise cancelling | Best for swimming | Best buget |

Here then are the best in ear headphones you can buy in 2018.

Our Pick: Jaybird X3 – Sports Wireless In-Ear Headphone.

A great sounding headphone that doesnt get intimidated by sweat. The Jaybird X3 wireless headphone is our top pick for the best wireless in ear headphone for workout.

Battery Life: 8 Hours | Noise Cancelling: No | Anti sweat: Yes

Jaybird X3 - Best bluetooth headphone for running
Jaybird X3 – Best bluetooth headphone for running
There’s nothing more frustrating than fidgeting with ill-fitting earphones during your sweat sessions right? Thankfully, this improved version of the Jaybirs X-series provides an unmatched experience during your gym, workout or presentation sessions.

This pair of wireless earbuds (wireless in ear headphones) comes with six pairs of ear-tips in various sizes: 3 in silicone and the other 3 in Comply foam, all of which are sweat proof and fit well under a helmet.

The design of this earphone is quiet solid and prevents sweats and dirts from overiding your earphones. The in-ear speaker design features a 6mm driver which produces a rich and balanced bass and bright highs. The many customizable options further helps you fine tune this pair if the audio levels are not to your liking.

As with other great Bluetooth functionality, you can fine-tune the sound in the Jaybird’s My-sound app and save your settings to play on any device they are paired with. The 8 hours battery which adds up to its productivity further makes this pair one of the best in ear headphones you can buy in 2018 – perfect for workout.




At CES this year 2018, we saw a lot of really amazing headphones unveiled from many headphone makers. All of which comes in various size, color, material design and sounding audio. A whole range of headphones from bluetooth headphones, over ear headphones, noise cancelling headphones to gaming headsets and even more advanced concept earbuds, with true wireless earphones not left out. We even saw a headphone that cost a whooping $2400.

Below we will be sharing with you some of the best new released headphones in 2018 that everyone will soon be buying.

6 of The Best Headphones Everyone Will Soon Be Buying in 2018.

Here then are the latest headphones released in CES 2018 that everyone will soon be buying.

Lightweight Sony Over Ears That sounds fantastic: Sony MDR-1AM2

Although sony has been taking the lead with its WH-1000XM2, they have stepped up their game again with these light weight over-ears wireless headphone.

The focus here is on high-end audio, and the MDR-1AM2s offers an excellent balance, separation, and reasonably good isolation for over-ear headphones. Our favorite part is that: they were lightweight, wonderfully comfortable, and relatively compact, making them (well, call them the rare pair of high-end headphones) thats meant for the mature minds.

The price for this headphones is likely in the $300 region.


A Rival for Bose and Sony: Audio-Technica ANC700BT wireless headphone.

At CES 2018, we saw Audio-Technica introduce a pair of wireless headphone with active noise cancelling technology that completely won us over. And yes, its a strong rival to Bose and Sonys noise cancelling headphones.

Full-size wireless headphones seem to have finally just arrived the field, and Audio-Technica is one pioneer, introducing models offering excellent sound quality, rock-solid connectivity, and 20+ hours of battery life with its Audio-Technica’s ATH-ANC700BT over-ears headphones. They also addsed noise-cancellation to boot. The Sound quality and isolation was superb on the show floor at CES.


Much Better New Wireless Gaming Headphone: HyperX Cloud Flights.

HyperX has just taken our favorite gaming headphones and made them wireless. For the gamers, HyperX Cloud gaming headsetss are no joke when it involves gaming. They performed so well that they even earned the best gaming headphones for PS4.

But there was just a problem with them: they were wired headphones. The new Cloud Flight fixes that, giving you the freedom to easily use these high-quality headphones no matter how far your couch is from your TV set.


The Stars at CES 2018: Sennheiser HD 820 over-ears headphone.

With a price tag of $2400, this headphone could easily be classified in the “maybe when i win the lottery” or “maybe when I become a billionaire” category by most people. Because spending $2400 on a pair of headphone is same as paying for a used car. The Sennheiser HD 820 over-ears headphone was th show stealler at CES 2018 which got everyone talking.

But for the audiophiles, this is a super great headphone. The Sennheiser HD 820 are the “follow up” to the legendary HD 810, perhaps the most sought-after headphones around. The main difference between the two is the HD 820s feature a “closed back” design that means the cups actually keep audio in while keeping the world around you out. “Open back” headphones like the HD 810 don’t do this, which gives them a sound signature that feels more natural and open, but can only really be enjoyed in a quiet room.


Improved True Wireless Earphones: Jabra’s third-gen Elite 65t and Active 65t true wireless earbuds.

We saw Jabra unveil a nnew pai of true wireless earbuds at CES this year. Before now, the wireless erabuds world is been flooded with empty promises, and that just go double for the true wireless earbuds.

The obvious reason for this is because It’s difficult to produce earbuds that have everything they need – including batteries – in a compact package that won’t fall apart in six months.

Jabra seems to have cracked the code this time around with its third-generation Elite 65t and Active 65t true wireless earbuds. Compared to your standard in-ear headphones, they might still be a little more clunky, they’re comfortable enough and fit snugly in your ear. Coming with a solid 2-years warranty, we cant wait to lay our hands on these earphones models.



The Best Headphones of 2018 Buying Guide.

When shopping for a headphone, some certain things has to be put into consideration to really get one of the best headphones. Factors like wired or wireless, in-ear or over-ear, closed or open back, portability, comfort and the most important of all: your budget. Below we have taken time to detail all of the major factors to be considered when shopping for a new headphone in 2018.


Some Key Factors to be Considered When Shopping For a New Headphone in 2018.

Befor buying or choosing a headphone, it is important that you know some of the basic and crucial things to look out for as well as the various headphones options you have to choose from, to meet your specific needs.

The Build and Type of the Headphone (Earphones or Headphones):

Before you say you own one of the best headphones in 2018, the first obvious thing to check, is the type of headphone you will like to use. (we already did an explanation just at the top of this page, even before the reviews). For the reminder, you have the option of choosing between over-ear headphones or in-ear headphone (earphones and earbuds). While over-ear headphones sounds better than earphones, in-ear headphones are the best bet for sporting activities and stage presentation alike since its small and just fits into the ear.

Earphones (earbuds, or in-ear headphones) offer a slightly different sound profile compared with conventional headphones. Generally, you’ll get better sound from a full set of “cans” around your head than from buds in your ears, but in-ear sound quality has improved a great deal. More importantly, in-ear headphones are much more likely to be water resistant, and much better suited for use when working out.

Wired Or Wireless:

Before now, the wired headphones have been the dominants of the headphones world. They usually sounded better than their wireless counterparts, and were warmly received by many. Fast forward to today, Wireless headphones are the new face of headphones. They’re convenient for any situation where you don’t want to deal with dangling cables-especially at the gym.

And now that many phone makers are ditching the headphone jack and both Apple and Google’s flagship phones are now completely jack-free, wireless headphones are a good way to ensure compatibility with just about any new device.

In the early days of wireless headphones we did experience poor audio sound, but not anymore. Today, wireless headphones sounds a whole lot more better. Very great audio headphones. Not withstanding if you are choosing a wireless headphone (which most of the headphones on this list are), it then becomes important to put the following into consideration: Battery, Range and True cordless headphones.

Active Noise Cancellation:

If you wish to lock yourself in your audio and shut yourself out of this world and its annoying noises, then a headphone with an active noise cancellation is what you need. These type of headphones are the perfect and best headphones for frequent travelers and heavy commuters. Also, if you are the type who gets inspiration from music or likes to listen to your audio files without any disturbance from outside, then a wireless or wired headphone with active noise cancellation is the best headphone for you.


Headphones Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

Q- What are the Advantages of a Wired Headphone over a Wireless Headphone?
One of the top priority of having a wired pair of headphones over its wireless counterpants are Better audio quality and fidelity.

  • Absence of a battery also means no recharging. It’s frustrating when headphones die while studying, commuting, or gaming.
  • No latency: A few higher-end wireless headphones do offer low latency. However, you don’t have to pay extra to get that with a wired set of cans.
  • Universal compatibility: Wired headphones work with any device because of the 3.5mm jack (except for the newer devices which now supports the wireless headsets by removing the head jack).

Q- Which Headphone is right for me to buy?
It all depends on the features you need and your budget. If a certain pair of headphones have what you need in an headphone and is within your price range, then its the best headphones you can buy.

More importantly, make use of your headphones appropriately. Excessive headphones use can pose health risk.


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